Monthly Archives: May 2008

Day 2?

After removing myself from bed at an hour concurrent with unlocking a building site 3/4 of an hour away at 7 o’clock, most of the day has been spent tired. Not that there’s anything unusual in unlocking the same site, I do it everyday after all, but i’d paced myself to have today off. I needed the lie in, even if it had only been an hour. So, as Tony was in, I set up the stonemasons, sorted the essential duties and left. I had a plane to catch, after all. And i’m in tomorrow. Poo.

Now, leaving when I did, I was cursing. The sun was up and no wind meant I was driving away from an ideal chance to get a jump in, hoping i’m only 4 jumps from my skydiving “A” license. As I drove home, the cloud had rolled in as forecast but I went to the club anyway, needing a track turns brief. I got this, plus my CH1 qualification. No jumps but the last 3 have shown good enough flying skills, today I passed the written test which means when i’ve passed the track turns dive, I can do a qualifying jump as soon as I feel ready. Smart, and hopefully about 3 jumps. I could quite easily get excited.

Which is better than still not having gas (9 days and counting…I hate baths made from boiling kettles).

Jogblog’s employment news is rubbish; even the RFL and the promise of free beer and pizza for a quick finish time didn’t seem to cheer her up much. Hopefully Juneathon starting tomorrow will help. I’ve been told cross training is accepted in lieu of a run to minimise injury worries…i’m going to confirm it with the authorities before I wimp out though. So a run a day starts tomorrow. Great…

Rainfall today: Nil

May rainfall total: 75mm (82mm May 2007, 90mm May 2006)

Well, i’ve started

So it’s Friday evening; after a hell of a week at work i’m too knackered to go out which is possibly connected to discovering at 3 o’clock that I need to go in tomorrow after already committing to covering Sunday. So no weekend for me.


Meant to be skydiving and riding the bike tomorrow. Ah well. It’ll happen another time.

But at least by starting this, I can take part in JUNEATHON!!!

I’ll say yippee for now. But wait a week and i’m sure to be cursing. It’s all JogBlog’s fault. If I can only work out how to add links to the blogroll…

Hello world!

Well i’ve arrived.