Well, i’ve started

So it’s Friday evening; after a hell of a week at work i’m too knackered to go out which is possibly connected to discovering at 3 o’clock that I need to go in tomorrow after already committing to covering Sunday. So no weekend for me.


Meant to be skydiving and riding the bike tomorrow. Ah well. It’ll happen another time.

But at least by starting this, I can take part in JUNEATHON!!!

I’ll say yippee for now. But wait a week and i’m sure to be cursing. It’s all JogBlog’s fault. If I can only work out how to add links to the blogroll…

3 responses to “Well, i’ve started

  1. See, told you all the cool people have blogs.

  2. And weird people, as i recall! But wow…i’ve had a comment…I feel all happy and warm. Thanks.

  3. you have another comment!!!! keep it up and beware….we’re checking on you 🙂

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