Day 2?

After removing myself from bed at an hour concurrent with unlocking a building site 3/4 of an hour away at 7 o’clock, most of the day has been spent tired. Not that there’s anything unusual in unlocking the same site, I do it everyday after all, but i’d paced myself to have today off. I needed the lie in, even if it had only been an hour. So, as Tony was in, I set up the stonemasons, sorted the essential duties and left. I had a plane to catch, after all. And i’m in tomorrow. Poo.

Now, leaving when I did, I was cursing. The sun was up and no wind meant I was driving away from an ideal chance to get a jump in, hoping i’m only 4 jumps from my skydiving “A” license. As I drove home, the cloud had rolled in as forecast but I went to the club anyway, needing a track turns brief. I got this, plus my CH1 qualification. No jumps but the last 3 have shown good enough flying skills, today I passed the written test which means when i’ve passed the track turns dive, I can do a qualifying jump as soon as I feel ready. Smart, and hopefully about 3 jumps. I could quite easily get excited.

Which is better than still not having gas (9 days and counting…I hate baths made from boiling kettles).

Jogblog’s employment news is rubbish; even the RFL and the promise of free beer and pizza for a quick finish time didn’t seem to cheer her up much. Hopefully Juneathon starting tomorrow will help. I’ve been told cross training is accepted in lieu of a run to minimise injury worries…i’m going to confirm it with the authorities before I wimp out though. So a run a day starts tomorrow. Great…

Rainfall today: Nil

May rainfall total: 75mm (82mm May 2007, 90mm May 2006)

One response to “Day 2?

  1. What’s with the rainfall? Are you a rainfall geek?

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