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The start of the year

June 30th. The end of Juneathon.

Today, a return to reality at work. I even managed to finish about 5.15, but still felt weary after the weekend, so settled to bow out in shame, 29 out of 30 juneathons and a finale of 4.2 miles. The run was even relatively uneventful…one girls skirt being blown up along the seafront, two seperate heckles from the overweight audience as I ran, both girls, both probably the apple of their father’s eye, both equally so ugly even the boys of Hastings haven’t got them pregnant yet despite them surely being overdue at all of 15 years old. The abuse thing seems to be growing, unless it’s because i’m running more in the summer than I usually do so there are a few people out to see and thus abuse me. It’s all fun though. And since I was pushing on a bit, I was sufficiently out of breath to resist informing them either a) they’re wrong in their assumption of my childhood being fatherless or b) I’m sure a forest can’t run, trees don’t have legs. Oh yes, to celebrate Juneathon being over (and nothing to do with wanting to go shopping, listen to I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, eat, blog and water the greenhouse, honest!), I outed the run in 28 minutes 40 seconds. A fraction under the 7 minute mile pace i’m targeting for my next 10k, assuming I do it on the flat. And I thought i’d lost my pace over the month!

So, the embarrasing statistics:

June 1: 3.5 miles

June 2: 3.0 miles

June 3: 4.2 miles

June 4: 4.2 miles

June 5: 2.0 miles

June 6: 2.1 miles

June 7: 3.7 miles

June 8: 1.0 miles

June 9: 4.2 miles

June 10: 3.5 miles

June 11: 4.0 miles

June 12: 4.2 miles

June 13: 1.0 miles

June 14: 1.0 miles

June 15: 1.0 miles

June 16: 0.7 miles

June 17: 2.1 miles

June 18: 5.4 miles

June 19: 1.0 miles

June 20: 4.2 miles

June 21: 2.1 miles

June 22: 2.1 miles

June 23: 1.0 miles

June 24: 0.7 miles

June 25: 1.1 miles

June 26: 4.2 miles

June 27: NO JUNEATHON!!!!!!

June 28: 1.5 miles

June 29: 3.8 miles

June 30: 4.2 miles.

Total: A mere 72.5 miles. Still loads more than the 13 miles I did last June, though. But I was preparing for a mountainbike race last June and in France for it for the last 3 days of the month, so that’s understandable.

So tomorrow, i’ll rest. Well, do a bit of upper body stuff, to be honest. And ride the bike a bit. But that may wait until Wednesday. I’ll probably run again on Thursday to prepare for the possibility of a small race on Sunday, we’ll see.

29/30 Juneathons. 286 cars. 1 massive show of appreciation to Joggerblogger on his mileage and to everyone else taking part – hopefully you’ve enjoyed the challenge as much as I. Don’t think i’ll join Jogblog in a Veganthon during July, though, that’s a challenge too far! And as for no alcohol…


Penultimate Juneathon

So, having run out of Friday and walked a bit for Saturday, the finale to this years’ Juneathon is looking a touch damp for me. Not that i’m complaining – the advantages are that next year, I can re-group and smash this year to pieces and the reasons for the later stage errors are (apart from work going on too long), it must be said, so good I wonder if in fact someone far luckier than me is living my life.

Today was as near to ideal as my life gets.

I’ve done the chores which is nothing too special, I grant you. I took the bike out for a spin. Via the parachute club to buy some jump tickets, it being far too windy for me to jump, but I had a decent chat with a few of the boys about the bike, which was pleasant, followed by a jaunt via the lanes to Tenterden. Where a Fireblade came up behind me in the 30 limit, pulled alongside at the lights, said hello (couldn’t hear much else with my earplugs in), followed me out on the road to Rye and provided an amusing sight. Not really really going for it, we were pulling a fair pace nonetheless, just flowing quickly along, little other traffic, when I glanced in my mirror exiting one corner to be shocked how low he was leaning. Now I never really consider this, apart from how far the tyres are scrubbed, but when I put 2 and 2 together that he was that far over and following me, I was amazed to think I was equally leant. So I came up behind a short queue of cars, got the jump on him and fucked off. I think he must have pulled over somewhere shortly after the cars because I wasn’t trying that much harder but didn’t see him catch up despite sticking to the limits in the 2 short limited sections. Superb ride. Then I stuffed my kneeslider so thoroughly down on a blind, dodgy left hander, I felt happy all the way home. It’s dodgy owing to it’s blindness, by the way, not due to surface or owt. Good times.

And all this squeezed into half an afternoon following a nice lunch, 1.4 (non-Juneathon) miles round trip to the station and the Juneathoned 3.8 mile walk along a local path via a field with cows. I’m not a walker on my own – I can’t buy a dog due to my working hours and am not a glass licking mentalist (I may be weird, but there are lines to be drawn…!), so don’t feel right doing it, but with good company am happy to say it was a pleasure. Very nice.

So, a happy day, good ride, Juneathon (i’m feeling tired now but hopefully will be fresh enough to close out the event tomorrow with my full 6.2 mile hilly route leg strengthener) and superb company. Smart.

3.8 miles. No fewer cars. No skydiving but a nice social chat. Happy.


Ok. I’m a failure. But there are mitigating circumstances…(aren’t there always?!)

I’m writing this (Saturday’s post) on Sunday and i’ll change the date, as explained by Jogblog. I didn’t blog yesterday and won’t backdate one either. For I have failed Juneathon. Friday 27/6/08 was my undoing. I left for work as usual, running kit in tow, looking forward to a 4.2 mile de-stress along Hastings seafront. We had an airtest on the building before handover today, and true to all underprepared idiots (I refer to the fools I work with, not just myself), we seemed to be lacklusterly testing as the day progressed so I waded in to offer some of my experience (ahem!) and see if I could sort some problems. But when a wall has been lobbed up with no care, it’s very easy to become a tapestry of holes and ours seem to be just so, but it wasn’t until 6.45 that we packed up and by then I wanted food, so left for home.

Then the phone went, the most bizarre night of my life kicked off, I ate briefly, just about washed up, then spent 12.5 hours driving 650 miles around the country and got home at about 10am Saturday morning.

Just a standard 29 hour day, then. With no running (lots of up and down the 120 stairs on site at breakneck pace, but that doesn’t count, I fear), Juneathon was missed owing to my better nature and a damsel in distress being more important to me than a challenge (never thought i’d be writing that, but there you are, call me what you like but I hate to let down anyone if I can help it. Some more than others.)

So today (or yesterday as I write this…complicated, isn’t it…) I spent most of the day in bed, catching up on a bit of sleep, thankful the weather looks too iffy for jumping (too tired even if it weren’t) and feeling glad that at least I did my best for a friend in need.

Until half way through the afternoon when a decision was made, a car was again got into, 70 more miles were dispatched going to Sandgate for a stroll and some donkey fabrication (don’t ask. It’s a long story. Very long.), followed by a small drink, a chinese and lots and lots more sleep.

Thankfully the stroll was mapped on Garmin’s finest, it amounted to a whopping 1.5 miles (I think it was point 5, not point 8…it doesn’t seem to matter, I didn’t think walking counted but as it was measured, i’ve taken advice from an administrator and i’m assured it does), so Juneathon is at least only dented, not smashed to pieces in failure.

Give me something to improve on next year, at least.

Juneathon’s failed:1. No car counting, i’m afraid-too busy driving and sleeping. 1mm of rain – there was more on Friday but I couldn’t measure it until Saturday afternoon, so have no accurate measure of evapouration. Sorry.

Such a caning…

Earlier in the week, I made a comment on the blog about hearing sheep in the field behind me whilst I wrote. This got backed up in conversation to confirm there were 22 of the extravagant lawn mowers in total and they were worth a look. Well, what always happens in these circumstances? They were shipped off to leave 3. I’ve been accused of having a blog named iliketocount when clearly I can’t. I’m not going to re-name it, though, not even to iliketocountbutaren’tverygoodatit because I can. But, by the evidence in this photo, that may seem accurate.So, since Tuesday there are 3 more sheep. If the number increases, i’ll let you know. Until then, please don’t judge me a liar, eh?

My greenhouse is doing marvellous things, too, but this being June and Juneathon being very much on, that isn’t important. Getting out of work is, though, and I managed this at 5.25 today so proceeded in a southerly direction to the seafront to be greeted by a wind of epic proportions blowing due West, right in my nose in the outward journey. And the tide was in. So bar a few fishermen, 2 other runners and a few kite boarding oddities, it turned out to be a fairly quiet run. Until I was shocked as I passed the White Rock Theatre to come up behind 2 females, one possibly the other’s mother (it is Hastings, so I hate to presume too much), the younger one appearing to be an early teenager, quite pretty with her hair in pigtails, to be exclaiming “That was awful. It was fucking freezing!” This seemed so out of place and wrong, I was not quite shocked (this takes a lot nowadays), but certainly taken aback. Wonder what school she swears in to improve knowledge of relevant swearing participles and useage? Wrong, so wrong.

So I scuttled off to the car drove sensibly home, took my photos and here I am.

Well, was. 4.2 miles. 296 cars. 6 sheep.

Just a quickie

After anticipating i’d do the seafront today, I got to work to remember i’d foolishly announced on Monday i’d do the Wednesday evening if needs be. And they did. So, leaving just before 7.30, I again drove like a wanker (traction control switched off tonight – when the wheels point where I want them, if i’m sliding through a corner I want to floor the throttle and be pulled where i’m heading, not have the sparks cut and drift or, as last night, twitch, towards a hedge at the whim of an electronics engineer who can’t drive much less decide how I want to drive. Rant over.) to get home and put some food on. Not much in the fridge and I needed some milk, so the run consisted of 1.1 miles to Sainsbury’s and back, the return journey laden with milk, bananas and cucumber. Not that that matters.

So while I cooked, I read last night’s post, only to notice the village postman has taken from the 16th January 2007 until now to deliver a letter from a recruitment agency. I’ve lost bank statements, birthday cards and stuff up until now, but this is the first job i’ve missed out on due to the thieving monkeys…guess that’s what happened after I failed to hear about a job in January this year, too…has my postie got a fetish for late delivery of job related post, I wonder?

And after reading this, I went out to count sheep…i’ve had 22 in the back field since winter, last night I could only prove 3, tonight that’s at least risen to 6. Hope the postman hasn’t taken a liking to them, else it might take 18 months before they’re all back! And with those and my bountiful crop of tomatoes, I may be encouraged to take some photos over the weekend to cheer things up.

Time for sleep now. 1.1miles, 299 cars, 1 long day combined with another short run.

A quick, late blog

I knew today was going to be fretful, what with the architect (in fact, 2 of them) being down on site, but the afternoon turned out to be almost catastrophic.

I’d been planning to pick someone up from the station and hate being late, so warned everyone i’d be off early. But, predictably when the time came I had a demand to be in two places at the same time. So I compromised and did half a job and left a few minutes later than hoped. Only to receive a message 5 minutes from home that I was late. Bugger. And that was after driving like a rally driver (well, I always did state there was no point in traction control and anti-lock brakes if they weren’t to be used. Did nothing to control the sliding drifts on the better corners still, but  hey, a man’s got to live!), too.

So, got home eventually, enjoyed a brilliant evening, nice meal, decent beer, receiving just the right amount of abuse and piss taking, returned my guest to the station and ran home. In the worst trainers, but hey, it’s still Juneathon. Not a great distance. But a great evening, so baa!. Back to the seafront tomorrow.

0.7 miles. 300 cars. One massive story about lying about ones age. Smart.

Running out of time

Monday again. I’ve just (and I mean just…like 9 minutes ago) Juneathoned, but up until 18 minutes ago, wasn’t sure I would.

Getting to work for just before 7 used to be for my peace of mind to wind up and prepare for bedlam to commence at 7.30 ish. It was a nice start to the day. Today, panic ensued from about 5 past, I remembered a cup of tea at 10.30 ish, couldn’t stop for lunch till just short of 3, sent about 3 e-mails in a hurry while doing the bare minimum I-don’t-want-to-get-sacked-so-i’d-better-pander-to-the-system paperwork before attempting to thrash a disobedient building into submission for a handover next week. I came back in to the office just short of 5.30.

And really didn’t feel at all in the mood for a run. So left it. Rushed around Sainsbury’s for the main shop, enjoyed I’m sorry I haven’t a clue on the way home, decided the quickest thing to cook I had bits for was a chilli, threw the bits at the hob, emptied the washing machine between stirring, peeling and chopping duties, ate, washed up, watered the greenhouse, put out the bin, dried up the dishes and collapsed.

Then felt guilty, changed trainers and ran. Well, loped towards the drive I use as a half mile marker while hoping my shins would take old trainers, tiredness and a fast pace straight from the off. They did. And quite quick it was, too.

Now I can hear the sheep in the field behind baa-ing (not noticed them doing that before…maybe they’re impressed at my athleticism?) which makes a change from the dog next door barking, which won’t be doing that for long if it doesn’t stop soon (like 3 days solid is enough for even a dog liker) as i’ll soon find it impossible not to shoot it. Or maybe the idiot owner. Lovely woman, no dog training sense at all.

Right. Off to sit in the garden with a coffee enjoying this long long evening before the sleep demons come. And before the neighbours feel the need to park their newborn out there. Haven’t heard it yet, but i’m sure it’ll rival the dogs before long. I’ll cheer up soon, honest!

1 mile. 302 cars. 4 insect bites. Not enough day.

Super Sunday

Been feeling pretty good today, for no particular reason, either.

Got up reasonably early, tidied the rest of the garden then had an early lunch in order to get out on the mountainbike to Bedgebury for a thrash. Bearing in mind how tired the legs are from running the intention was to substitute this for Juneathon and I set off briskly, passing people at a sprint and enjoying the flow of wheels on unmade singletrack. Then my chain snapped. Haven’t had that for about 5 years, recognised the tell-tale feel of it about to go so it didn’t spit me off or owt, but how annoying. Three tons of oil all over my hands, relief i’ve got a chaintool in my kit and having been passed by all and sundry later and off I sped again, intent on having a laugh for the final half of the route. It reminded me how much enjoyment I get from the bike, this is the least use i’ve put it to for years and after June i’ll be changing tack quite forcefully – I guess it’s partly not having the focus of the Alps for the holiday that’s kept me off it. Slacker.

Then i’m home to confirmation from Jogblog that she’d put in a pb 10k time. Su-bloody-perb. Can’t wait for her to break the 1 hour barrier, but gradual improvement is the way to go. She’ll be chasing me round the Hastings half next…if I decide to do it again, anyhow.

So, i’ve just put in my token 2.1 miler for the day, now it’s time for food and ironing. Rock and bloody roll, the life of a sad and lonely old man knows no bounds…i’m worried about the upcoming shitty week at work so the mind keeps developing panic for itself at the moment though so i’m not about to try anything too keen unless I drift off at a daft moment. Roll on Tuesday evening. Oh, and my week off starting 14/7 – no plans yet, may pop over to Kew Gardens for a day though. Just need to switch off for a bit.

No rain (forecasters? They’re all shit. Except Kaddy who’s shit but attractive and amusing with it at least). 306 cars. 2.1 Juneathon miles. 1 snapped chain, 13 fun k on the bike.

All good intentions…

So having promised to do a decent run today, i’ve let myself down.

I got up at a reasonable time, washed the masonry down again (call me paranoid about mould, algae etc.growth in the two weeks since I did it but I want the paint to stick), bought a paper and got to work painting. And finished about 3.30.

After washing out the brushes, the bike needed abusing so I headed off for a scratch. Got hooted by a tart in a people carrier. I presume she was worried my overtaking her was a danger to her. It was only about 3/4 miles to a junction and I was going to stay behind but since she swerved out of one corner nearly into the nearside verge then slowed radically on the ensuing straight, I thought I was better off being in front. Then as I went past, saw she was on the phone. Then heard her horn. Hope her kids are aware of the great example their mother is showing – guess they’ll not have heard of how Cozy Powell died. Must be proof i’m getting old though. Previously i’d have got annoyed; today I was just glad to be on my way. No real dramas after her. I was a bit tired, only got my right knee down once, just a pleasant, happy ride.

Shame the legs were sore to the point that unweighting myself to hang off was actually hurting. So having put the thing away, I had a drink and set off for a stunningly unremarkable 2.1 mile run, wishing with every pace it was only 1 mile total! Juneathon? Did the Japanese invent it about 66 years ago, by any chance?

Still, the lawn’s now cut ready for some rain tomorrow. Good luck to Jogblog in her race…hope she gets up in time for the official start. Sub 10 minute miles please!

2.1 miles. 1.5mm rain. 313 cars. When it goes under 200 i’ll  be inviting suggestions as to the final outcome, as well as explaining what it’s about. Honest. Continue reading

Ah, Friday. Thank Juneathon!

Not only did the genius who is Jogblog encourage me to start the blog (well, her and the thought of doing Juneathon but only having a record in my usual running log for the effort), I also get the benefit of abusive comments to keep me laughing for hours when I need to explore how the posting blogs malarky works. It’s all good and cheering on a Friday evening when again i’m too tired after work to go out. But then, having been out on Monday and Thursday, run each night (if one milers count as runs…i’m not logging them in my runs book as i’ve no desire to remember what a wimp I am as I look back on the year in runs and trainers and that) and everything else killing me at work, I suppose I shouldn’t be too greedy.

After failing again at work, I was about to leave when Tony sneeringly asked if I wasn’t going for a run. I said no, then instantly changed my mind…what better way to close out the week rather than leg it around the village when I get home. So, 4.2 miles of seafront, no errant testicles, shagging dogs or similar deviant excitement but I did get the benefit of two “youths” taking the piss on the way out, as well as a return comment on the way back. Shame it was the same comment. The boys are so thick, they can’t even come up with an original insult. I was probably wrong to stop and offer advice but if I can’t begin to educate them, who will? I’m guessing their mothers are too full of hate for their latest boyfriend to bother, school clearly failed and i’m an optimist at heart (bloody well concealed, but really!) so with any luck, they’ll at least think about stringing together a sentence without a string of swear words next time, possibly with more than one syllable. But I don’t hold out much hope. Good job I can run faster than them, anyhow…

Ok, the week’s done, tomorrrow i’m hoping for a decent day for a jump but it’ll be ace anyway and the worse the weather, the better the run…promised a 5.4 miler at least even though my legs are ruined, so we’ll see.

4.2 miles, 314 cars, trace of rain, 2 educated louts.