Daily Archives: June 1, 2008


I’ve got gas!! After too long a day at work, I got home at about quarter to six to a note from the gas monkey that they’d been around to turn me on but I was out. So I phoned up and a babboon arrived within 10 minutes, tested for leaks (still none, didn’t think much of his manometer though…my naked flame method is much more daring…) and fired my supply back up. Oh deep joy.

I’d been quietly dreading the thought of a run. I’m drained after too much work, not enough quality rest (millions of dreams, waking regularly wondering if I should be at work) for two weeks plus it’s Sunday but feels like a Tuesday and whichever of these it is, that means upper body exercise.

Still, Juneathon waits for no man (or woman). And at least I could now look forward to a shower. So off I set. On my flat ish around the fields loop, I was pleased to be diverted by 3 hot air balloons, a field of 4 Jersey cows, another field of tens of Jerseys and then two horses with a pushbike. I felt oddly fresh after 3.5 miles. It’s far too muggy for me (i’m a winter runner) but i’ll settle for 27mins. 50secs. as it felt an easy pace. And it qualifies as a run, so i’ve not fallen at the first hurdle. Juneathon? Bring it on!

Just a trace of rain today, so I guess you’re right, Jogblog, I am a rainfall geek. Only been measuring for just over two years. But I do enjoy weather in general. Clouds aren’t quite a passion, but it’s close.

Ok, off to do the sit-up, press-up and weights thing now