Is it really only Tuesday?

Tiredness seems to have been the key feature of today.

Whether sorting flashings, fiddling with the reception desk, setting out cladding or coordinating scaffold, a yawn was never far away. Must get to the bottom of my current sleep hassles. Like spend more time in bed, I reckon! Any volunteers for company?

Still, Hastings is a good place to work for weary Juneathoners. The end of the day loomed, I ate my banana and set off for an easy seafront run. Promising i’d turn around when I fancied, I got to 11/2 miles and thought i’d finish the job and not turn back until just over 2, the end of the prom proper. And I was rewarded almost immediately by a mongrel, almost certainly a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel cross Colly by the looks of it, being rigorously humped by a more traditional Jack Russell. It was hilarious. I love to see a small dog punching above its’ weight. And this certainly was. What the offspring might be, I’m loathe to think. But it spurred me on and with a chuckle, I turned, cursed two rollerbladers for stealing my oxygen and went home.

4.2 miles, just over 30 minutes (forgot to look at the watch before I left but I wasn’t out for a fast run so hey!). A trace of rain (must have skirted the village all day). 380 cars.

Juneathon rolls on.

4 responses to “Is it really only Tuesday?

  1. I thought you were saying you’d done 11 miles then. Pretty hardcore.

  2. I thought you said you were going to turn round at 11 miles, until I read it properly!!! I thought – God, all these other bloggers are so much fitter and more hardcore than me! Then I sighed with relief when I read it said 1 1/2 🙂

  3. And I’ve just seen warriorwoman’s comment and realised she already said exactly the same as me… I really should learn to read properly…

  4. Well, if you get really lonely, there appears to be a local Jack Russell similarly seeking company.

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