Daily Archives: June 7, 2008

Saturday yippee-yi-yay!

Having gone to bed tired enough to sleep for Wales last night, I awoke not quite fresh as a daisy, but feeling pretty¬†chipper none the less. Chipper? My life, maybe i’ve regressed into a 1950’s childhood through stress!

The garden got edged, the lawn mowed, the paper bought. All by 11 o’clock. So then the bike got thrashed. Loads of crap on the roads, but millions of flies on the visor and a bit less leather on the knee sliders equals fun. Happy now.

A bike and car cleaning session to prepare myself for todays Juneathon and I was off. A steady 3.7 mile loop around the village. But why do I see 9 cars on the country lane bits and have to stop 3 times due to them being in the same place at the same time? I’ve known my timing’s been a couple of days out for several years, now, but this is surely taking it to extremes, no? 9 cars in 3 miles and 7 of them have to be in opposing directions just where I am. Oh, well. The only other excitement was having to change my pace for a squirrel to sprint from the hedge, across my path, and into a ditch so as not to step on it. No wonder there are so many of them fall prey to messers Goodyear and Pirelli each year.

Saw one lift of skydivers landing so hopefully that’s the second lift of today’s competition. Not looking too good for progression tomorrow but i’ve now 3 tickets waiting in the wallet, so soon as the day is right i’ll be making dents in the Kent countryside with the best of them!

3.7 miles, 30m35s. 362 cars.

1 week of Juneathon gone, 22.7 miles complete.