Happy Mondays

Felt a dark mood this morning, but soon lightened up when I listened to a bit of Radio 1 on the way to work and realised life can’t be that hard if you can earn a living spouting unfunny toss amongst a bunch of sycophantic wannabes and be regarded a star. Still didn’t stop me dreaming of tree surgery all day, though. Oh, and a playful suggestion that a girl at work seeking sports/exercise things to do take up darts made me smile beyond the call of duty. Don’t know why; just little things, little minds and that I guess.

So, fiddling with my shins at all opportunities during the day, I sacked off the intention of a hill run and set off in the gorgeous sun for the seafront . And with a sea as smooth as glass, far too many rather pleasant looking young ladies and a bit of shade under the prom, very nice it was, too. So nice, in fact, it seemed worth doing the full 4.2 miles. So I did. And then sweated my way around J Sainsbury PLC for the weekly shop on the way home.

I’ll head for the main park tomorrow (a couple of bitty hills on the way) and see how the lady count is there. Might get a bit of a reputation at this rate. I hope!

Now, if I can only remember to buy some more socks (is anyone else struggling to wash and air them in time for another Juneathon run, even though the drawer is heaving under their weight?) and find another decent pair of shorts, I’ll be laughing. I’ll leave finding a wife for another wish list.

Juneathon miles: 4.2.   Cars: 355   Superb sunny runs by the sea: Just the one. Nice

One response to “Happy Mondays

  1. I never run out of socks. I have millions of pairs of them. Especially ones with cows on them.

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