How does Joggerblogger do it?

Been catching up with joggerblogger’s writings before I write. Frankly his mileage is obscene. Dread to think how badly i’d be limping if I tried to go that far. Maybe if I knock a minute off the pace, but I seem hard-wired to push on a bit. Hey ho.

But that may be backfiring. Set off for the park, up two small hills on the way, skirted it on the way out and was aware the shins were feeling sore all the way. Now in the winter, Alexandra Park has contained a few interesting people to take the mind off the run. Not today. That’s not to say no-one was there, just no-one interesting. Loads of kids, two squirrels (after the weekend, they’re becoming far too common) and a runner in long trousers and a hooded top. Most likely a mentalist, I reckon – I was pouring sweat in half the clothes but he was slow. Very slow. But so would I be if I was wearing that much clothing and about to die of heat stroke.

Still, ran back to the office, melted in the car on the way home and UPROOTED MY FIRST RADISH OF THE YEAR! Now got hundreds of tomato flowers, looks like 14 cucumbers on the grow and 5 pepper plants looking healthy but a bit under-developed for the time of season. Still, it’s the first attempt at growing them so i’ll wait and see. Reckon the first spring onions of the season will be ready for the weekend. Guess life must be dull and I must be getting old now this sort of thing is properly exciting me!

Going to see how the shins feel in the morning. If they’re shagged, i’m going to rest. Cocked up my Hastings half training by pushing on with them playing up (couldn’t walk for a day at one stage) and i’m not foolish enough to do that again, but hopefully a short jog tomorrow and as long as it takes to recover and Juneathon won’t quite get the better of me…

3.5miles. 355 cars.

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