Should I be proud?

 I’m so happy with my growing cucumber, I thought i’d add a picture. Well, shame not to really.

Only managed a solitary mile this evening, just to the crossroads plus a bit then back. My left shin really is playing up so feel it best…hopefully be back to a 4ish miler tomorrow. With any luck, not having seen anyone elses plums! I think i’m still traumatised.

1 Juneathon mile. 338 cars.

4 responses to “Should I be proud?

  1. joggerblogger

    Rest up 🙂 not worth hurting yourself – loving the blog, one question…why is it called lovetocount? 🙂

  2. joggerblogger

    ps – I count stairs

  3. I can’t see a cucumber in that picture?

  4. Just a budding cucumber at the minute, with the flowerything happening. I’m almost proud…
    Thinking of a name, I always seem to put things numerically and have a few obsessions, so it seemed logical. At the time…not now I have to log in with it!!

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