A quick, disappointing, Sunday

An odd day. I awoke reasonably early, thought i’d sack off skydiving, had breakfast then changed my mind. So I toddled off to the club, put my name down for my practice qualifying jump and waited. Got in the air about half 10, jump went perfectly, the cloud rolled in so I left to have some lunch and predictably couldn’t settle, so went back.

Now the pattern seems to be I mess up jumps in the afternoon. And today was no different.

Feeling slightly subdued now.

The first points went perfectly. Stable on exit, 360 right turn followed by 360 left, all complete by 6500ft. Backloop was ever so crisp and sharp, stable, alti on just under 6000. Waved off, turned 180 perfectly, went into the track position and started going in circles instead. Balls. So, adjusted my shoulders to no avail, knew time was passing so came out, stabilised and pulled, glimpsing my alti just under 3000ft. Too low, but not a real crime.

I thought.

I was putting turns under canopy at 2250ft, landed nicely, then the grief began. I’m being pilloried from all quarters for opening late, the lowest guess was pulling at just above 2000ft and, with me not being in the mood to argue (well, i’d once again proved to myself that when something matters to me I mess it up and fail. Can’t seem to achieve success at any of the things that would really improve my life, so I was already wondering how long my state of dejection would take to clear), I stated my case, apologised to those that matter, looked on in bemusement at the faces of those that didn’t while they made their noises, and looked forward to getting home.

So, if I can summon the spirit to face more grief, next week will be another attempt. Takes the shine off a good weekend jumping, really, as though it’s a serious thing i’m meant to be so intense about it’s beyond enjoyment until i’m an expert. Balls. When it gets that dear to me, please remind me and i’ll give up.

Oh well, exercise has just been completed, i’m going for my mile run now (legs feel a touch freer, i’ll still do just a mile, though).

Probably won’t blog tomorrow as i’ll be leaving work early to go out until late…will have to tie in Juneathon with a run to the station (0.7 miles each way…is that 0.7 miles twice, or 1.4miles that takes 6 hours?!) and a jog to catch trains…unless I run between the pubs to the restaurant. Would carrying someone between pubs count extra?

326 cars. 1 messed up QJ. 1 exciting night out to look forward to.


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