Tired day

After a monstrous lack of sleep following a superb evening out, today was only ever going to be horrible. And soon enough, the world and his brother started up as soon as I got to work. Must be a sixth sense everyone developes to pile the misery on just when it would be nice to have an easy day. I always knew I wasn’t supposed to enjoy my life for more than a few fleeting moments…

At least the evening was worth it – not every day I enjoy a nice bit of banter, chuckle at all sorts, have a food order taken and be so unsure as to the understanding of the waitress I wonder what will actually arrive but be so relaxed about the affair it doesn’t seem to matter.  Oh and the company was amazingly good looking and attractive, too, which helps top everything off. Be nice to repeat the event on a more frequent basis but there’s probably a limit to how much any human can stand of my company, so who knows?

With eyes still stinging now, at least i’ve put 2.1 miles in with my legs feeling ok even if energy levels are in the basement. And having to leave at 5.30 for Brentford tomorrow, i’m off to bed now to attempt to feel at least human tomorrow. Rock and bloody roll.

2.1 Juneathon miles. Only 13 Juneathon days to go. Nice.


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