Ah, Friday. Thank Juneathon!

Not only did the genius who is Jogblog encourage me to start the blog (well, her and the thought of doing Juneathon but only having a record in my usual running log for the effort), I also get the benefit of abusive comments to keep me laughing for hours when I need to explore how the posting blogs malarky works. It’s all good and cheering on a Friday evening when again i’m too tired after work to go out. But then, having been out on Monday and Thursday, run each night (if one milers count as runs…i’m not logging them in my runs book as i’ve no desire to remember what a wimp I am as I look back on the year in runs and trainers and that) and everything else killing me at work, I suppose I shouldn’t be too greedy.

After failing again at work, I was about to leave when Tony sneeringly asked if I wasn’t going for a run. I said no, then instantly changed my mind…what better way to close out the week rather than leg it around the village when I get home. So, 4.2 miles of seafront, no errant testicles, shagging dogs or similar deviant excitement but I did get the benefit of two “youths” taking the piss on the way out, as well as a return comment on the way back. Shame it was the same comment. The boys are so thick, they can’t even come up with an original insult. I was probably wrong to stop and offer advice but if I can’t begin to educate them, who will? I’m guessing their mothers are too full of hate for their latest boyfriend to bother, school clearly failed and i’m an optimist at heart (bloody well concealed, but really!) so with any luck, they’ll at least think about stringing together a sentence without a string of swear words next time, possibly with more than one syllable. But I don’t hold out much hope. Good job I can run faster than them, anyhow…

Ok, the week’s done, tomorrrow i’m hoping for a decent day for a jump but it’ll be ace anyway and the worse the weather, the better the run…promised a 5.4 miler at least even though my legs are ruined, so we’ll see.

4.2 miles, 314 cars, trace of rain, 2 educated louts.

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