Daily Archives: June 23, 2008

Running out of time

Monday again. I’ve just (and I mean just…like 9 minutes ago) Juneathoned, but up until 18 minutes ago, wasn’t sure I would.

Getting to work for just before 7 used to be for my peace of mind to wind up and prepare for bedlam to commence at 7.30 ish. It was a nice start to the day. Today, panic ensued from about 5 past, I remembered a cup of tea at 10.30 ish, couldn’t stop for lunch till just short of 3, sent about 3 e-mails in a hurry while doing the bare minimum I-don’t-want-to-get-sacked-so-i’d-better-pander-to-the-system paperwork before attempting to thrash a disobedient building into submission for a handover next week. I came back in to the office just short of 5.30.

And really didn’t feel at all in the mood for a run. So left it. Rushed around Sainsbury’s for the main shop, enjoyed I’m sorry I haven’t a clue on the way home, decided the quickest thing to cook I had bits for was a chilli, threw the bits at the hob, emptied the washing machine between stirring, peeling and chopping duties, ate, washed up, watered the greenhouse, put out the bin, dried up the dishes and collapsed.

Then felt guilty, changed trainers and ran. Well, loped towards the drive I use as a half mile marker while hoping my shins would take old trainers, tiredness and a fast pace straight from the off. They did. And quite quick it was, too.

Now I can hear the sheep in the field behind baa-ing (not noticed them doing that before…maybe they’re impressed at my athleticism?) which makes a change from the dog next door barking, which won’t be doing that for long if it doesn’t stop soon (like 3 days solid is enough for even a dog liker) as i’ll soon find it impossible not to shoot it. Or maybe the idiot owner. Lovely woman, no dog training sense at all.

Right. Off to sit in the garden with a coffee enjoying this long long evening before the sleep demons come. And before the neighbours feel the need to park their newborn out there. Haven’t heard it yet, but i’m sure it’ll rival the dogs before long. I’ll cheer up soon, honest!

1 mile. 302 cars. 4 insect bites. Not enough day.