Ok. I’m a failure. But there are mitigating circumstances…(aren’t there always?!)

I’m writing this (Saturday’s post) on Sunday and i’ll change the date, as explained by Jogblog. I didn’t blog yesterday and won’t backdate one either. For I have failed Juneathon. Friday 27/6/08 was my undoing. I left for work as usual, running kit in tow, looking forward to a 4.2 mile de-stress along Hastings seafront. We had an airtest on the building before handover today, and true to all underprepared idiots (I refer to the fools I work with, not just myself), we seemed to be lacklusterly testing as the day progressed so I waded in to offer some of my experience (ahem!) and see if I could sort some problems. But when a wall has been lobbed up with no care, it’s very easy to become a tapestry of holes and ours seem to be just so, but it wasn’t until 6.45 that we packed up and by then I wanted food, so left for home.

Then the phone went, the most bizarre night of my life kicked off, I ate briefly, just about washed up, then spent 12.5 hours driving 650 miles around the country and got home at about 10am Saturday morning.

Just a standard 29 hour day, then. With no running (lots of up and down the 120 stairs on site at breakneck pace, but that doesn’t count, I fear), Juneathon was missed owing to my better nature and a damsel in distress being more important to me than a challenge (never thought i’d be writing that, but there you are, call me what you like but I hate to let down anyone if I can help it. Some more than others.)

So today (or yesterday as I write this…complicated, isn’t it…) I spent most of the day in bed, catching up on a bit of sleep, thankful the weather looks too iffy for jumping (too tired even if it weren’t) and feeling glad that at least I did my best for a friend in need.

Until half way through the afternoon when a decision was made, a car was again got into, 70 more miles were dispatched going to Sandgate for a stroll and some donkey fabrication (don’t ask. It’s a long story. Very long.), followed by a small drink, a chinese and lots and lots more sleep.

Thankfully the stroll was mapped on Garmin’s finest, it amounted to a whopping 1.5 miles (I think it was point 5, not point 8…it doesn’t seem to matter, I didn’t think walking counted but as it was measured, i’ve taken advice from an administrator and i’m assured it does), so Juneathon is at least only dented, not smashed to pieces in failure.

Give me something to improve on next year, at least.

Juneathon’s failed:1. No car counting, i’m afraid-too busy driving and sleeping. 1mm of rain – there was more on Friday but I couldn’t measure it until Saturday afternoon, so have no accurate measure of evapouration. Sorry.

One response to “Failed

  1. joggerblogger

    Can’t see any faliures there? stairs = workout 650 miles = HERO! nutter…hope you caught up on the sleep.

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