Daily Archives: July 2, 2008

Running out of time

So with Juneathon over, I decided to rest last night which may have been a touch extravagant giving the low overall mileage in my monthly tally compared to the superhuman power of Joggerblogger. But it felt good to have a few spare minutes after work to enjoy in the garden.

So tonight, when I intended running to prepare for the potential race on Sunday, I got the privilege of staying on at work until 7pm, ruining my chances of getting home, phoning the best girl in the world and doing all theĀ usual jobsĀ plus a run.

So I satisfied myself with some food, a chat (too short but there you go, a man must eat…) and the promise of a run tomorrow. When I should be upper body exercising (to follow on from Tuesday night). Oh, well, just have to put up with wimp status for another night!

At least there was some rain. 2.5mm. June total was 24mm, a mere third of last year which totalled 75mm, but apparently there are no moths this year due to last being so wet, so it’s all fair. 284 cars. And still only 6 sheep.