Since the 5 mile saunter on Sunday, my legs have been feeling fresh. But unfortunately the need to shop, catch up after a weekend out, water the greenhouse and work unfeasibly long hours has prohibited all but upper body exercise bits.

So, no running yet, Thursday will get me out onto the hills of Hastings where i’ve planned my 6.2 mile hilly route to re-build some muscle and get ready for a week of flat runs around the village because NEXT WEEK I’M ON HOLIDAY. Did I say that loudly enough?

The week I cancelled for Alex to be able to go away with his little lady friend has at last nearly arrived. And I intend to do far more skydiving than is healthy for my bank balance, run lots, ride the wheels off the motorbike, run, do the garden, find a decent route into London, sleep, cycle, eat as much local bakery produce as my arteries can handle and mostly forget work, forget work and forget a bit more work than that.

Hopefully with a bit less than yesterday’s 10mm rain or todays 6.5mm. Clouds looked good, though. 275 cars to go. 1 evening of fun being looked forward to tomorrow.

One response to “Inspiration

  1. I need a week off. Can I have your one please? Pretty please?

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