So yesterday didn’t go at all as planned.

First off, I forgot my running kit when leaving for work, but didn’t feel it a problem as I fancied a run around the village anyhow. But then, with the threat of finishing the job being so tantalisingly close as well as two disappointed directors walking around with faces like smacked arses, I felt a bit of a push might be needed. Or should I say a bit more of a push. Didn’t know if that were possible, but didn’t want to give up, so finally left a mere 12.5 hours after arriving. And once home, spoke to my favourite person in the world, ate, washed up, watered the greenhouse (well, strictly speaking, the contents of the greenhouse…you get the idea) and went to bed.

Only to find myself flat out on site again just 11.5 hours after i’d left (who needs more than 10 hours at home in every 36, eh?), trying to get the site into a state I could get snagged and forget about for the next week while i’m off.

And at 5.40 this evening, I managed it.

And promptly set off on a pleasant 4.2 mile seafront run to celebrate. And felt I should have gone the hilly route after all, the wind being so strong it was like running uphill anyway. Except the hilly route wouldn’t have let me view the entire population of China trying to get into one photo, on Hastings seafront, in the wind, at high tide, all seemingly glum faced at the prospect. And I do mean all. Well, I guess it was all – I think there were several billion of them, crammed in, trying to out glum each other. I hope they cheer up before they go home. Or that they saw the girl I watched after the run, proper drunk at all of twenty past six, wobbling around, abusing her mate before vomiting bright blue liquid all over her previously dirty white trousers. Nice girl. Her dad’s done the raising of her well.

I worry about the future of the planet. I mean, blue vomit? It could at least be cider at her age…

So, now I have a week off. A week of all sorts of stuff I love. I’ll update as it happens.

Loads of rain…when did I last enter it?  13mm Weds, 3.5mm Thurs, trace today. 256 cars.

One response to “Chinese

  1. blue vomit…nice! i worry sometimes about the state of teeneagers in england with all this drinking….

    I forgot to congratulate you on winning the juneathon !!! bravo! what was the price in the end?

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