After my excitement on Wednesday, proving I can fall towards the ground at 120mph and move in a co-ordinated fashion whilst doing so, i’ve been quite happily enjoying my holiday with a bit of gardening, a coordinated effort to visit every style of restaurant in London and generally being supremely happy.

I can tick off Chinese, South Indian, Italian and Turkish just from the last week, so it’s probably for the best that today I went for a bit of a run. Unfortunately i’ve also been introduced to a pub that has 4 taps on one portion of the bar alone, starting from the left; St. Austell Brewery Best, Sussex Best, Timothy Taylor Landlord and London Pride. All would be included in a list of my 5 favourite pints. So that means 8 visits before I even start on the promised Belgian fruit beer varieties. Happy evenings, more running to prevent beer bloat awareness!

The run itself was uneventful. The backs of my thighs were hurting before I set off, my calves were tight all the way around, I only set off for 4 miles anyway and it passed without drama. Felt really really hungry about 3 miles in, though, so fried off some beansprouts, carrot and cabbage as soon as I got in before devouring a steak and trimmings about half hour later. And if i’m still 9 stone bloody 9 tomorrow, i’ll be calling whichever dietician I can find and offer them my metabolism for research into skinniness in the face of adversity!

The clouds put paid to any dreams of a jump this afternoon, so I did a briefing at the club to convert myself from ripcord (reliable method of canopy deployment, but depends on a sprung pilot chute to pull the main canopy) to throw away whereby you physically throw the pilot chute into the wind (has no chance of coming over the nose of the main canopy after deployment so is more reliable still and most rigs are configured that way), so the afternoon was all good.

Seems life is fine at the moment…guess work next week will bring me back down with a thump. Got a great weekend planned, so i’ll suspend panic about what I don’t know until the last second on Monday morning!

Trace of rain. 248 cars.

2 responses to “Clouds…

  1. What’s the fifth favourite pint?

  2. Courage best – pleasant flavour, never developed a hangover. Magic.

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