Daily Archives: July 21, 2008


In a timeframe that seems like a million years ago now, I made a foolish statement that the field behind me contained over 20 sheep. Well, I say foolish statement – that’s a bit unfair, it did contain many sheep at that time. But no-one (well, no-one I know. The neighbours did and Dave will back me up, i’m sure. Ask him when you see him!) saw them, until one day they all disappeared, then 3 returned, then the number grew back to 6. Where it stalled. And I was scrabbling for credibility, attempting to prove I can count, that 6 isn’t over 20, that there were more, really, honest, and that i’m not a bare faced liar.

Well, today after my run and shopping trip, I went for the daily look across to the pond and thought “that bunch of sheep looks more like a flock”. Then it moved, I did a headcount and lo! 10 sheep! Ok, it’s not a score, but now double figures have been reached, I feel more relaxed about my sanity. Well, maybe that’s taking it a bit far, but my powers to recognise quantities of animals, at least!

But before I saw them, upon finishing work (first day back. Does anyone have a method of returning safely to work after a great holiday without contemplating retiring at least a trillion times before getting on with things?) I went for a hilly 4.6 miles. Around the block, past the park the long way, alongside the tennis courts and up the long hill to the top. Then back, but downhill all the way. A bit warm for me (after an average weeks’ weather while I was off, now it comes good…typical), but i’m guessing a lot warmer for the oddity playing tennis in a long sleeved top and jeans. I liked his style, but if you drop personal standards to a level where you’ll be seen playing tennis in public, why not go the whole hog and don a pair of shorts, eh?

34 minutes 55 wasn’t setting any pb’s alight but my calves are oddly tight, it felt fun, was warmer than I like and I was happy.

Still am, really. Despite work, life’s good.

237 cars. 10 sheep. 4.6 miles.