Ok, I admit, things have been slow on the exercise front.

The temperature has at last reached the levels that prohibit me from doing much and while I run in sleet and snow and like a cold house to sleep in (which may have to change on selected evenings this winter [with any luck!]), I can’t carry on in the heat such as it is.

So, aside from having disappointing quantities of sheep whenever guests arrive, not skydiving much due to enjoying other areas of life to keep me out of the sky and removing several million atoms of kneeslider on Sunday afternoon, life’s been un-bloggable.

But it’s all good. I’d like to be a touch less tired, something i’m about to take steps to sort out with inordinate hours of sleep for a week night, other than that, the mountain bike should get a thrapping on the weekend and if the temperature goes low, i’ll run again.

Until then, 12mm rain last night (most of which I walked back from the station through), 2mm evapouration today, 211 cars and 10 sheep. Honest!

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