Just a quickie

Monday evening, wow.

It seems just yesterday it was Friday and I was setting out for Cornwall to see some donkeys. Well, donkeys were seen, loads of rain was experienced (most of it horizontal), my walking boots were proved to be awesome, Lands End turned out to be as disappointing as we expected but not as bad as it possibly was for the three cyclists setting out for John’s other end of this island and the London traffic proved how messed up the country is. Still, it gave a fair opportunity to develope my road rage tourettes a stage deeper, so it’s all good!

The walk around St. Just may get an airing on someone else’s blog, so i’ll leave that and I haven’t been running but tonight I have at least exercised, tomorrow i’ll hopefully run assuming my first aid course finishes early, I get shopped and the car cleaning goes to plan. Doesn’t seem it’s going to get too hot to run again this year, so I guess it’s time to speed things up for the proposed Ashford 10k and a hopeful acceptance into London for April (they can only deny me one more year…).

Apparently Saturday (combined with Friday) produced 28mm rain (Andy measured for me as well as watering the greenhouse – thanks!), 192 cars to go and not enough time to pack in all I want to at the moment. It’s fantastic and long may the situation continue. I’ll discuss press-ups challenges and the counting cars logic as soon as i’ve the time!

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