Full of something

There appears to be something funny going on in my life and it’s not making me laugh.

Since Monday morning, i’ve had varying degrees of ailment, ranging from the full spectrum of sore throats, through coughing fits (mainly at about 4 o’clock in the morning or just as I get up), via blocked noses to cold symptoms. But nothing stable enough to say “right, i’ve got a cold” or something else for that matter.

So last night, I ventured out for a spin on the bike for a play, only to find my balance was appalling and I couldn’t roll back more than about half an inch without dabbing a foot.

And tonight, to celebrate the last day at work for a week and a half, I promised myself the elusive run but through the day didn’t feel like it at all. But, afraid of ageing, heart attacks (Barry at work has followed Garry and Mark’s lead and joined the club) and getting slow, I set off at 5 o’clock for a short, slow amble along the Hastings seafront to ease myself in.

Has anyone had coughing fits in public when attempting to run? It can’t be good, especially when it’s within the first hundred yards and it certainly isn’t fun, but hey, i’m an athlete.

Still, the occasional hack aside, the run was ok. I kept it slow, the front was crowded, the lifeboat was out for what looked like fun (they weren’t going anywhere), plenty of enormously fat people kept me focused on wanting to stay fit and healthy and, aside from now having a blocked nose and feeling tired, I feel ok. I think the nose is on the way to clearing and hope, one early night later, that i’ll be ok for a full on weekend.

Just a trace of rain today. Well, it is August. 4.2 miles. 162 cars. Oh, and why is it the only time BMX gets a media mention, it’s all bad? Why no mention of the British greats, eh? Check out Youtube and some clips of Phil Dolan (flatland), Mark Webb (park) and Jamie Bestwick (vert) to see a true representation of homegrown talent. And what film broke Nicole Kidman’s career? Oh, yes…BMX Bandits. Quality!

Sorry, that post seems dull. I’ll improve with the week off and a weekend of great company, honest!


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