Daily Archives: August 26, 2008

Holiday Tuesday

Somehow today doesn’t feel like a Tuesday, partly due to enjoying yesterday (enjoyment? In my life? Shorely shome mishtaik [to quote the late great JC]) with Cathy, partly due to still having a week off work.

My mystery “I feel crap but can’t put a finger on what it is” ailment still seems to be hanging on, i’ll go all day with no problems then start coughing and blowing my nose as though it is a cold after all. I’m getting frustrated, it must be said. Last night, I was up 3 times, at about 4 o’clock I thought i’d be getting a complaint from the neighbour, so severe was my hacking, so when the alarm went, I didn’t notice i’d turned it off until i’d wasted half an hour of the day. And getting up, I felt awful again. Compounded by the news i’ve probably given a portion of whatever I have to Cathy, who now sports a sore throat and cough. I hope it’s unrealted.

So, my last run before the mountain adventure wasn’t being looked forward to but, having cleaned the bike and hung the washing out and all the other essential holiday activities done, I got changed, coughed some more, put the trainers on, grabbed a drink, coughed again, blew my nose and ran.


It was rubbish. I was wheezing down the hill from the house, got half a mile in and changed plans from a 5.4 to a 3.8 or 4.2, depending how I was at the top of the hill a mile in. Which wasn’t good. To the point of turning up the road at the wimp out cut off point to convert all my effort into an amazing 2.5 miles. Yep, 2.5 miles. Wheezing, sweating like a horse and knackered. Man, am I pathetic. Didn’t even feel good overtaking a pair of overweight pikeys on their horse and cart (black and pink contraption, actually looked well made but why the desire to put a “Sindy” fake number plate on it? Pure cheese.)

So I got home, sulked, sweated, sulked some more, went into the village (sheep purse based emergency), had lunch, went for a 60 mile motorbike ride, still didn’t smile as much as I should, so set about cleaning the windows. Which are now clean on the outside, tomorrow will see the inside done, shopping, ironing and hoovering brought up to speed ready for the weekend abandonment and week of tiredness I anticipate ensuing.

If the chest thing clears, i’ll run and blog again before the weekend. If not, i’ll bring you up to speed on our 3 highest mountains (assuming we make it to all of them!) after my return. Assuming Cathy doesn’t use all the interesting stories for herself and copyright them first, of course…

155 cars, by the way. And a trace of rain.