Time to walk

Not really a post to be proud of but hey.

I haven’t run, just been out on the motorbike every day and caught up on all the jobs around the house I seem unable to get around to in a normal week.

Cathy seems rather ill, I hope it won’t stop her walking up the mountains. I’ll get a gauge on how bad she is tonight but the trip to Scotland won’t be happening if she isn’t going to make it – i’m not spending 15  hours (combined there and on to Scafell) out of 36 in a car to go for a walk on my own, that’s most of the reason I haven’t got round to it in my previous 37 years. But now i’ve got this far, I somehow really want to do all 3. If I was running or cycling, it might feel different owing to the special challenge but to look forward to 3 long walks (possibly in the rain…joy) is certainly a change of direction.

So today will consist of gardening, packing and wondering what i’ve forgotten to pack. Probably allsorts, but hey.

150 cars, no rain (but shitloads of stratus style cloud cover, so no skydiving either. Bah.)


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