Daily Archives: September 15, 2008

The long lost Monday run

It’s Monday, it seems forever since I managed it, but just for once i’ve staved off injury, tiredness and other commitments for long enough to get out and set the week up as it should be.

So, last night I went for a thrash on the bike (36 miles in 39 minutes, including a set of lights and doing 30 and 40mph in their respective limits – yep, bloody quick in the unlimited bits. Eh? We’re not in the Isle of Man and the white circle with a black line means 60mph? What idiot decided that?), ate later than normal and then ironed before an early(ish) night without upper body exercise. All to ensure I was fresh for the run. The plan is run Monday, Wednesday and Friday, upper body Tuesday and Thursday then collapse on Saturday in exhaustion. I usually do the Sunday, Tuesday and have Thursday off to recover in the winter, with a mountain bike ride on the Saturday, but since it’s a) not winter yet and b) life changed so much for the better this summer, i’m allowed a few rule changes. As long as I don’t get fat or feel old.

So, with a hectic day over, I got changed into my shorts a little later than I ought and, knowing I needed to shop, eat, wash up, do the bin, empty the washing machine, water the greenhouse, turn the compost and talk to Cathy, I decided a hack up the hills was required for a 30 minute route. So I left with a toe injury on my mind (the ball of my left foot is still sore to walk on but isn’t getting any worse and it’s certainly a joint issue since pressure makes the next joint in my big toe jab with pain, not the tissue around the ball, so I reckon i’ll just have to put up with it one way or another) and an empty stomach (no amount of food can make up for not eating chocolate for a month!) but at least I left.

So, the route took me down a hill then back up twice the size of the descent but since I wasn’t doing a full route, I mixed it up with a few sharp inclines on the way to the slog past Alexandra park and kept half an eye on my watch. Hastings seems to have grown runners over the summer – time was last year when the seafront was busy but the hills were only frequented by me but tonight loads were out, some looked fast (luckily they were in the opposite direction!) but it was nice to see for a change. Still, I was happy for the halfway mark to arrive and some downhill action to be on the cards. Unfortunately the toe doesn’t like downhills so the pace was no faster, the gait was rubbish but at least I enjoyed the run. It was surprising to take my socks off, though, and feel my toe was a) numb, b) tingling in a nearly pins and needles but not quite way and c) hot to the touch. Maybe I should get it checked soon! But since it’s still a bit numb now, maybe it could come in handy as the one part of my body that doesn’t hurt for a change.

Oh, and I stretched when I got back, too. See? Proper athlete…

So, a half hour run, 118 cars and i’m late for bed. Ah, well.