Bring me a new one, Carruthers, this one’s split!

Well, another run, this time on schedule and in preparation for a 10k race in 3 weeks.

But on arriving home after the run and eating and watering the greenhouse and washing up, I went to the washing machine to empty it and now my mind is full of annoyance at the fact the machine decided to eat my quilt cover. Balls. Buying a new one wasn’t even close to the list of things to do and I hate decisions like what to get, so i’ll probably gripe until the weekend and a purchase, now. But where? When? What style? I wasn’t designed for interiors decision making, i’m a builder! Still, I ran…

Set off at 5.15, my preferred time for a run. Not too early I feel I might have missed something at work, not too late that i’m either a) weary or b) going to get home toooooo late to do the chores, relax and prepare for another slog the following day. So, with a merry jaunt away from the office (may I just interrupt myself to say the Tidy Boys really are excelling themselves in the new Tidy Inspirations album. First Metallica are back on track, now Tidy…what a great musical year it’s turning out to be…interruption over.), I headed for the hills aiming for a reasonably gentle, hilly 4.6 miler.

And that’s exactly what I got. Unlike Monday, there wasn’t another runner to be seen, but I looked at the time accurately when I left, which always annoys me when I set off with “reasonably gentle” as my goal, since I struggle to keep myself slowish when I know i’ll hate myself if I set a really slow time. And tonight, that’s precisely what happened. Well, it’s really less than what happened, since the 4.6, on hills, with very little recent running, turned into what felt a reasonable run but was in fact a surprisingly rapid 35.20, which i’ll take at this stage of my preparation as a pointer to a reasonable race time.

Unless I decide to run with Steve, who’s decided to do the race after 6 years without running and 3 weeks, 4 days preparation. Yep, he might be slow!

So, a good run. But I still need a new quilt cover. 112 cars, no rain, still no chocolate. Ah.

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