Cross training?

Somewhat at odds to popular misconception, I haven’t given up. I’m actually being sensible for a change and am resting my injured foot.


Since the week after my 3 peak activity, when for some reason my foot exploded whilst running down the stairs at work, i’ve been running on the injury and it just hasn’t been on the mend. Well, having been accepted into London next year and having had a splendidly rubbish Ashford 10k, it’s time to sort it. So, i’m nearly 2 weeks into resting it; i’ve got rid of any swelling and can now walk on it until lunchtime (yeah, right – as if lunch happens with any regularity!) when it then starts to nag rather than hurt lots. In fact, the most common pain now is when I lace my Etnies too tight on the way to the pub. So, in another week i’ll try a jog.

That’s the plan, anyhow. But until then, as well as in the interim until now, i’ll not be idle. Along with lagging the rest of the roof, i’ve been doing the weights, my sit-up count has gone ballistic, the press-ups have undergone something of a resurgence and I even got out (briefly) on the bike last week. Nice.

So, updates will follow shortly.

Until then, i’m down to 45 cars. Oh, and feeling proud that (just Google her if the link doesn’t work…best blog on the web!) got another magazine mention for her sterling efforts and amazing humour. Smart.

2 responses to “Cross training?

  1. Why don’t you link in the post? I’ll show you how.

  2. And so you did. All edited and everything. Ta.

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