A foot update

Not a running post, as such, more an update so if I remember to read this in a few years, I might remember why I had such a long running break.

Wednesday was the first day in nearly 2 months when my left foot hasn’t hurt with every footstep. I am now treating it a bit gently, I am still conscious that on most occasions i’m rolling around my outstep to keep pressure off my toe, but generally i’m returning to a normal stride. Today, I even ran up the stairs at work without wincing.

But. I’ve promised i’m thinking of the longer term. So, instead of heading out for a run tomorrow, i’m going to wait 1 week from my pain free day until my next run. So, next Wednesday, i’ll be blogging properly.


Can’t wait.

Until then, last night was 4.5mm rainfall. 34 cars.

2 responses to “A foot update

  1. What’s with the car counting?

  2. I posted a (slightly odd, but true!) account of the theory back on August the 18th “The counting cars conundrum”. It’d take ages to go back over it!

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