Wind and Rain

Well, the weather certainly seems to have turned. And with it, my eagerness for a good run seems to have returned.

The weekend went all too quickly, the mountainbike got a new suspension pin and bush as well as a chain and rear cassette, so Sunday saw me pestering jogblog for a bike ride, my goal being to check out Epping Forest and see if there really was a patch of greenery bigger than Walthamstow and Hackney marshes within 5 miles of her. And there was. And it was wet and muddy. And the bike worked nicely, but will need a really good, fast thrash over something challenging to see if the shock bush is better than new. But overall, I have to say, it was all good.

Oh, and Chingford looks nice. If anyone knows good reasons not to move there, let me know, will you?

So, after a draining day at work with no computer system, I got to 5.15 and decided it was time to change, so pulled on a tee shirt and headed for the seafront, into the gale that was still blowing but thankfully free from the rains that had been deluging Hastings all day. Well, that didn’t last, did it? The first half of the run was sheltered by the buildings on the North of the prom, then I turned around, the rain really started to hammer down again, I crossed to the sea side, got blown home to the sound of the sea crashing on the shingle (massive waves in huge lines. Very impressive. Who needs an i-pod with that soundtrack?) and enjoyed the loneliness of the front without seeing a soul on the return leg. What a contrast to the “summer” when it was crowded with tourists and drunks.

My toe seems to be ok – it aches a bit all the time at the minute, but hasn’t shown any of it’s previous pain, so i’m intending another run on Thursday before pushing it on the hills next week. Plans. Nice.

Oh, and 12 cars left. 18mm of rain over the 24 hours. Already we’ve had more rain for November than in the whole month in the previous 2 years, so I wonder where it will end.

2 responses to “Wind and Rain

  1. It was 12 cars last time, didn’t you brush your teeth today?

  2. Er, no, it was 16 last time, 12 when we spoke and none went past, that’s all. Honest.

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