Later, shorter, worse!

Sorry for my most depressing post yet on Friday. I guess things weren’t going too well. Which is daft, really, since generally life is pretty good at the moment, especially with Cathy being down at the weekend and life’s general things continuing pretty reasonably.

Still, a bad run is a bad run. And I was low.

So, today I promised work wouldn’t get to me (which it did) and that I wouldn’t get diverted from my running cause. Which I did. An overly active afternoon was followed by torrential rain for half an hour when i’d planned to run, so I went straight to Sainsburys for food and promised i’d run when I got home.

Well. A chilli con carne later, two pints of water, and after a chat with my fine girlfriend, I felt keen enough to set out for a 4 miler around the dark country lanes. Until I got out of the door, started to run, realised how nasty a damp cold evening can be, and talked myself out of a proper run. So, instead of turning left, I turned right, jumped out of my skin when a car came around the corner without me hearing it (I was sprinting, since I was doing a short run – my breathing was laboured and I was scared as it was dark!), instead of going straight on I turned right and found myself back home a mere 2.1 miles later. The head torch running experience isn’t something I enjoy massively, so I guess i’m going to have to sort current work issues out, especially with the marathon looming.

Still, the run was ok, no pain at all, at least I got out, so I can do proper runs on Wednesday and Friday and still feel ok about the week and not fear the lard monster approaching for a bit.

Oh, still 5 cars (been cleaning teeth late so there haven’t been any – honest!) but it’s rained a bit. A trace every day. Nasty.

Did I mention Cathy? Hope so. She deserves it. And a mention.

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