Oh, that’s a bit parky

And so it was that after laughing for a day at Jogblog‘s post from yestarday, I eagerly got changed ready for a hilly 4.5 miles around Hastings. While changing, my sartorial options were running through my head as through the day, i’d gone from coat, jumper and shirt to hi-vis vest, jumper and shirt, to losing the jumper for rolled up sleeves and back to jumper but with sleeves rolled up. Normally, so many wardrobe changes are reserved for the spring but I guess being active on site this time of year, it’s not so unusual. So, I was wondering what to wear and went for my 20 year old sweatshirt (warmer than a long sleeved tee but cooler than a fleece jumper) and shorts. Yep, i’m no fan of “technical” clothing, they just happen to be clothes I run in. I’m going to buy some proper bits for the marathon training through the winter, but everything’s served me well for years, no-one sees me when i’m out, so i’m not proud. But I probably will have to be when my girlfriend reads this and informs me she doesn’t want to be associated with a running idiot and I should sort myself out. Having said that, I did buy some tights about 3 years ago and they seem excellent when it’s really cold, so maybe i’ll enjoy the benefits of proper kit when I get around to it. Still, for tonight, I thought what I had would do. Until I stepped out of the office. And stepped straight back in to put on a tee shirt as well to prevent immediate frost.

I hate starting a run cold, even if I overheat slightly toward the end, so I set of with chilly legs but knew the hill would sort me out, hoping I wouldn’t end up with a cold willy again through the shorts option. And it did (the hill, sort me out, that is. Not end up with a cold willy. That was fine.). I had to run up the second one on the other side of the road due to roadworks, which felt odd in a “it feels wrong to put the wrong shoe on first” kind of way (if such a wrongness exists – my girlfriend insists it does, and I think I know what she means!), but it was quiet out, my pace was good, after a mile my toe stopped hurting and I positively bounded up the long hill to my turnaround point.

All the way, I was trying to talk myself into a Garmin, even though it’d be a dull image on a map seeing as i’ve been running similar routes in Hastings for the last three winters – I reckon the assistance in keeping me to a sensible long distance pace may pay dividends, so I’ll seek one out shortly.

Then, I bumbled my way back toward the office, completely switched off to the point of turning my ankle over on a kerb having popped into the road to overtake a walker. It all seems fine, though, so it’s all good practice.

And after Friday’s debacle, it was a great run. Welcome back to a bit of hilly running. Unti December when training properly starts.

No rain to report. But I am down to one, yes ONE car to count. That’ll probably make tonight decision night.

Smart, I could do with a shake up to sort myself out.

3 responses to “Oh, that’s a bit parky

  1. I don’t want to be associated with a running idiot and you should sort yourself out.

  2. Discovered your blog recently, and enjoying it muchly.

    Don’t get the car counting thing though – is that supposed to be enigmatic or am I being thick?

  3. Not enigmatic, more weird. I think. It comes from needing a timeframe and reason to make a dacision, and car counting fitted – I think it’s explained in my post “The car counting conundrum” way back in August or so. Done now, though. Decision made. I’ll continue tomorrow after my run.

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