A Friday flat

Not wanting to believe what I was hearing on the weather forecast, (and not wanting to pester my BBC employed personal weather forecaster for details [i’ll save her for emergencies and when I really want to take the piss out of a proper, bona fide celebrity!]), didn’t stop me packing my cold weather options for tonight’s run, and it turned out to be the best option.

My day was only ever going to be hectic and this turned out to be the case, but with a jacket on all day I wasn’t sure how cold it was getting until I stopped around 4.30 for a tea. And my mind was made up for a proper jumper and my long, proper running trouser/tight/legging type things. I only fancied a jaunt along the seafront, but it felt good to be out, the sea was surprisingly rough for the light wind, I saw no runners at all, only three cyclists but plenty of dog walkers.

And since the tide was in, the obligatory couple of anglers getting frozen. Now i’ve no idea how they do it, standing in a cool breeze on a cold evening, but fair play to them. I guess with angling being one of the largest participation sports in the country, i’m in the minority in my exasperation of the pleasure to be gained from fishing but it still beats me. I guess it gets them out of the house, though.

Still, my run went well, my toe was a bit painful for the first bit of the run then that eased away, but it is hurting a bit now, so i’ll continue to treat it gently. Next week, I intend to do two hilly runs, but am out for an evening with the electricians on Friday, so will run Saturday morning if i’m not skydiving. Need to get a jump in, it’s been over a month and tomorrow isn’t looking too good for it, i’ve got to work Sunday then the following weekend it looks as though i’ll be dressing as Santa to run around Dagenham for a few miles having worked the Saturday, so things are looking busy. Nice, but not good for getting the jumps consistent enough for a push towards a “B” licence. We’ll see.

Ah, and on Wednesday night, I counted my last car. Decisions have been made, but I ought really to talk to my marvellous girlfriend about my plans before I broadcast them on that internet thing, so details will follow. It feels good to have another direction. And at least now, I can concentrate on counting panes of glass as guilt free pleasure and don’t have to record the results!

So; 0.5mm rain, 1 correct statement about peanuts, and a CD to order tomorrow if I can remember.


One response to “A Friday flat

  1. But it wasn’t actually correct, peanuts aren’t fruit, so you’re wrong. Ha ha. They’re not nuts either though, so I was wrong too. Damn, can’t believe I just admitted I was wrong in front of all the internet people.

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