Daily Archives: November 25, 2008

A quick, painful run

I seem to have settled remarkably easily into my run every other day regime, usually reserved for times when I think a race may need preparing for properly…er, about 3 times! Only ther race i’m thinking about isn’t until the end of April and won’t really be treated as a race, more a challenge to see if I can make it round. With the secret hope of a sub-4 hour time. Or 3.36 if i’m honest.

So, after purchasing my race and preparation trainers and receiving the man’s advice on time reducing techniques and then trying them on Sunday’s run, my legs were tight as tight can be on Monday and only eased a touch today. I’ve been stretching and everything, honest! The technique definitely needs practice, but I can see the logic, so tonight I had another go.

Deliberately not looking at my watch again, to assist concentration on technique and not lurching around artificially quickly, I set off after stretching yet again to try and encourage a natural gait. And, for the first mile or so, it worked. My calves were wincing a touch, then my hamstrings felt tight (that’s never happened before, so i’m definitely reaching muscle groups i’ve not developed before), then I even managed to slow down. After the mile, I think I managed to keep the style but lose some pace, which is going to be essential, but at the halfway point, I was ruined.

I stopped, stretched again, then set back off in a damage limitation style for about quarter of a mile before having another go. It felt better, then I alternated my new and old techniques before the final half mile push to the site office. Oh, with another stop and stretch with a mile to go.

Still, back in the office, a good stretch later I felt surprisingly okay. My upper legs feel great, my calf muscles are properly tight, but also certainly better than they used to be when I stopped for a couple of months then ran like a loon again when I realised I ought to be running. They’re certainly on the improvement cycle, not the injury one, so I reckon if I can cope with the initial discomfort, I might be onto a winner. Just got to get good at the technique, then go for a timed run to compare notes and i’ll decide if it’s for me.

Oh, and as I write this, I seem to be listening mostly to hardcore/hard house, so maybe the running style is also reducing my mental age to about 14 again, too. Excel-bloody-lent!

Oh, and I think i’ve managed a whole post without manageing to post anything even mildly offensive about anyone. It’s all good. I like it.