Daily Archives: November 29, 2008

The 2.48 from Headcorn

So another Saturday dawned, more rain has been falling all day after yesterday’s 13mm, so wet just about sums it up, I reckon.

Cleaning the car this morning, I find someone’s smacked into the front bumper, crushing the number plate holder and scratching across the section of bumper around it. Must’ve hit slowly but firmly since the inner recessed section is scuffed, too. So, half an hour with some filling compound, colouring tools, waxes and polishes was wasted making it look invisible – at least, in the appalling light today brought. I’ll have a further look if the sun ever comes out and do the necessary then. Well, Mike Baldwin wouldn’t have a scuffed motor now, would he?!

So papers were bought, shelves made (hoping i’ll get a chance to fit them) and lunch eaten before a bit of house work lead to leaving the door at 10 to 3, resplendent in tights, tee, jumper and rain jacket since it was launching it down at the time. And still damn cold.

Still, I felt reasonably lively, noticed the river was high on the road at the bottom of my hill, then saw it was in the second flood stage as I ran alongside it. Banks have been exceeded, it’s taken over the low lying fields, the sheep are being hemmed into a small corner of their field, but as I crossed the first bridge, it hasn’t yet got up to road level in full flood status. Still quite impressive to look at, though. And not running away very fast, so I guess the tide is high and not too much rain could make it all the higher yet. Smart, diversions a prospect to get to work on Monday.

Still, I had another 4.4 miles to run, so carried on, walked past two very nervous looking horse riders, couldn’t believe how muddy the roads are, felt good as I turned around, flagged a bit in the middle of the return leg, perked up considerably when I took my hat off, cursed the rain for stopping and making the jacket an annoyance rather than an aid, increased the pace for the hill home while wondering if the ambulance car with his siren was really that late for his tea and looked intently at my watch for my finish time.

Now, i’m hoping i’ll be bothered to get a Garmin soon, then i’ll know my accurate distance, but aside from that, the same run used to have a pb of 41.05, set twice – once last November, again 13 months previous. today, I set 41.01. Oh, yes, a whole 4 seconds quicker, just one week into my new running technique. Not a great increase, but quite pleasing since I didn’t feel that much effort in the run. Strangely, this is over a minute slower than my equivalent 10k pb which doesn’t make much sense, but I guess that is a race, this just a training run. Good, though.

Oh, and my nice new trainers already look very second hand and worn, so it’s all good. Time to wash some running kit now, I guess. Ah, the joys of winter.

And the ram has left, so it’s just 10 sheep in the field, now. Wonder when they’ll go to their winter home, leaving me properly lonely?