Daily Archives: December 1, 2008


Pain, pain, pain. Not a nice way to start a blog, much less a nice way to feel after tonight’s run.

The day has been odd, having gone quickly but without much fun (little drama either, though, so it’s not all bad). Yesterday was good in parts, but coming away from the greatest girl i’ve ever been privileged to spend so much time with, I got stuck in traffic, so didn’t get home in time for exercise or anything. Thus I was considering swapping tonight’s run for a few weights, but knowing I wanted to shop, too, thought I wouldn’t get around to it, so ran instead.

Now, setting off felt ok – not particularly fresh, but fine. I got massively out paced by a runner along the prom, the guy put about 400m on me over a mile and a half, but by a mile, I was aching a fair bit, by 1.5 miles, my legs properly hurt. I turned around at 2 miles, stopped for a stretch and went back to my old damage limitation style of striding for a bit.

It’s odd. My shins feel ok, my calves are tight but not scarily so, but the connecting tissue that runs up the sides of my lower legs feels tight as hell. Stretching pulls it out, but offers not much relief.

Anyhow, about a mile through the return run, I stopped again and stretched some more then continued home in the new style of running to round things off. And stretched some more. I’m going to have a sensible assessment of leg aching before I run on Wednesday – if it’s dubious, i’ll rest until Thursday and avoid an injury before I really pick things up around Christmas Cathy’s birthday in roper marathon training.

And had another look at the moon and the two planets below it, underlined by the calmer than a calm thing sea. Very nice. But bloody cold. So I went shopping, cooked a nice chilli and now it’s time for bed.

November saw the 4th wettest month for the last 3 years,¬†over twice as wet as last year. Not nice. Now it’s just bloody cold. Might have to turn on the heating soon!