Daily Archives: December 4, 2008

Hot in the cold

After a day’s rest from running, my legs were feeling ok all day, despite some running up and down stairs and too much to and fro action in and out of the cold, so having packed my running kit, it would have been rude not to use it.

But not until i’d been up to demonstrate my best Steve Harris “it’s 1987; stretch lycra, white trainers and a foot on a raised platform while strafing the audience with your bass – it’s the nuts” pose to my two surveyors. I think they appreciated it, but it was a bit hard to tell what with them not actually stopping laughing before I left. Probably still at it now. They certainly wouldn’t have stopped to carry on working. They’re surveyors, after all.

So, with a bit of a grin on my weather beaten face, I set off. My legs felt fine, but about half a mile in I realised that a thick T shirt and my heaviest top were too much, so much of the run was in a rolled sleeve fashion in an attempt to lose some warmth. Quite a welcome thing after the last few days, though, so it was all enjoyed.

The hills were done (well, 4.5 miles of them), all the time passing the Hastings Marathon road delay signs. The Hastings half isn’t the nicest half in the world with its’ hills – double the distance seems somehow foolhardy. Still, it’ll be interesting to hear how it goes. Saw 3 female runners coming down past the park, had two West Highland White terriers try to trip me up (small dogs – too small – not interested in owning one of them), other than that, it was a fun, easy run.

Nice for a change. And 8mm of rain today.

Roll on Saturday and a pizza in the company of Cathy. Can’t wait. Then, in the spirit of true champions, too much beer, a late night and a race on Sunday. Only 3 miles, but should be fun in a santa suit and we’re meeting 6 (I think) of our fellow 3 peaks challengers, so it should be a social do too.

Lots to look forward to.