Daily Archives: December 7, 2008

3.02 miles

Since Thursday evening, i’ve worked, done an evening’s upper body exercise, worked on Saturday (too many early starts on the trot. And what happened to Saturdays at work ending at lunchtime? Why do builders now feel the need to work until late afernoon? It’s simply not fair), drove to Walthamstow for a couple of beers and a pizza and ended up ordering ravioli (which, incidentally, was delicious. Cathy would back me up, but having eaten some, she swears she can’t remember it, so hey, it’s my word or nothing).

So, back home (well, Cathy’s place), sleep was attempted, Looey (the cat) scared Cathy with a bit of play with a sock accessory masquerading as a live thing, which I had to sort out, but generally a few hours was gained in perfect preparation for a Sunday morning Santathon.

Now, the thought of again getting up didn’t really excite me, I think Cathy shared my opinion¬†and expressed it by not helping scrape the ice off the car for the trip to Dagenham, the thermometer showing -2 C all the way there. And hopes of a good run were scuppered by the state of the Santa suits. “One size fits no-one” was dis-proved by Alan and his tailored fit, but it certainly didn’t fit me.

Felt like fun, though, and standing on a start area with possibly 100 similarly dressed fools was amusing.

On the start, I was torn between jogging with Jogblog or using it as a training run to continue practicing the new style, and when we started, I ran off at my normal speed. I hoped Cathy wouldn’t mind, but I should at least have said good bye. Still, done now, so a belated sorry is in order.

It was icy underfoot, there were kids taking part to be avoided off the line, but after a steady start I found about a dozen people in front and was rolling along quite nicely when I picked off the last of the fast starters and settled in behind a gradually disappearing front bunch.

Now, the trousers were falling down, my beard kept whizzing around the back of my neck, but my pace felt good, my breathing steady and I had a great chat with the bloke I did 3/4 of the run with about his 12 London Marathons and life in general. He got poked by the same oik who had a go at Cathy later, too,¬†but sported a fine line in green gloves and when offered a sprint to the finish, accepted my offer. I don’t know how hard he was trying, but with about 0.5 miles to go, we passed the only other runner in proximity and started for the final straight together. I started picking up the pace straight away, got up to a fast run, he lagged back, then surged so I put in a final 30 yard hard push and just pipped him to the line.

A very nice trot. The four first finishers were congratulating the 5th placed finisher – a 13 year old girl who did 6min 35 second miles all the way round (in a Santa suit which fitted worse than mine! Hell, that’s quick!), I turned out to be 6th, in 21.05, Cathy confirmed the distance as 3.02 miles, which means my training run worked out at 6min 59 second miles.


My legs feel good, I think my new running technique is the way to go and wonder where it will lead.

The others in our group came in happily, whereupon we got a pint and a bit of food, caught up after the mountains, went our seperate ways and now it’s bed time.

I need more hours in the day, but it’s all good.