Daily Archives: December 9, 2008

Running on my own

Having sacked off the idea of running last night, mainly due to being as tired as it’s reasonable to be after a weekend and having so many chores to do having not seen the house in daylight for over a week, I decided to shuffle tomorrow night’s planned run to tonight, switching upper body exercise to tomorrow in the process.

The decision was made easier knowing my girlfriend was to be doing a running home from work thing. Which also decided I was to do a similar distance at 6.2 miles, but with mine being hilly on the roads to Sainsburys.

Now, my legs felt fresh and all was well, apart from the thermometer resolutely sticking to 2 degrees and my lips splitting all day long, so I set off well layered up with my hat included – probably a regular thing for a couple of weeks at least owing to my imminent haircut tomorrow.

And that was the way things stayed – set off at 5.18, got to the turnaround point on 26 minutes, displaced my thoughts for half a mile that Cathy would be about 2 miles into her run by now, passed a policewoman (in Hastings? Walking by the park? On her own? I thought that style of policing was dead. Fair play to Hastings.) and  kept to my new style all the way home. I felt reasonably good on the last very steep bit up and maintained a spirited sprint for the office, so i’m convinced i’ve accepted the way forward for the marathon. I’ll see how it progresses with higher individual mileage runs and slower pace.

2.5mm of rain last night.

And more grief at work than I like. Still, at least I know not to get too frustrated and bothered, it’s not forever, after all.