Daily Archives: December 18, 2008

A gaseously wasted day

Anybody fancy a day off?

Well, anybody fancy a day off to enable the gas board to change a meter that reckons you’ve used £524 worth of gas over 93 days, thus remaining indoors to enable the door to be heard, not making big noises or starting anything that can’t be dropped? How about if that’s for a pre-arranged 4 hour slot, 3.5 hours into which you suspiciously call to find if the appointment’s still good and are told indeed it is. Only to call back an hour later and be told it’s been cancelled. And then raise a concerned fuss, so an emergency is declared, the networks division arrive, remove some water from the meter, but refuse to change it? How about if, then, a further 2 calls down the line, you were told the appointments in the morning had never, actually, been made. That you’d been lied to. 3 times. Blatantly. Only to be told a new meter is needed owing to info i’ve given leading to the discovery that the meter is showing a fault code. I know it’s faulty, it’s showing i’ve used £524 worth of gas! So I can look forward to the whole charade being repeated on the 27th. Yip fucking pee. And all the while, the jump plane was going up  just to mock me being stuck in, wasting the day. Wonder if i’ll ever get another jump in?

Still, at least i’ve agreed to a £78 bill instead. Unless the meter gives up the info they hope, when they’ll bill my actual amount. Rubbish.

So, after a wasted day, I decided to buy my last couple of gifts, then as I got home, I went for a run. Which was horribly dark, as well as being distresfully warm. I knew it was warm, but didn’t think my hi-vis vest would count as quite such a layer, so returned home thouroughly overheated, but 4 miles happier and un-murdered nor run over on the country lanes. Quite successful, then.

I remain satisfied with my mince pie consumption, running at a steady 1 per day. In silence, today, too. Well, I don’t think I was rambling on to myself, anyhow.