Daily Archives: December 23, 2008


So the week up to Christmas has arrived and Sunday fed into Monday, spent with my fantastic girlfriend celebrating the fact she’s excellent, amusing, my girlfriend and another year older, all at the same time. And after Sunday’s run, my upper body is on temporary hold to deal with pressing issues like marathon training.

Now, I guess I shouldn’t be too worried about losing torso shape and size (not that there’s much of either to lose, it should be said) since a) it’ll come back after April when I can focus on it again and b) until 2 years ago, I used to have a rest over Christmas anyway so shouldn’t worry about not doing every scheduled exercise I want to. But I do. And Sunday was a day missed, as is today.

Now, i’m probably going to swap days anyway when I settle into a running routine, but tonight, I haven’t the energy to do anything, to be fair. After 3 hours sleep last night, not the best night on Sunday and a worried day at work with the air test, it was a feat of stubbornness over sense in going for a run at all. But run I did.

Straight onto the seafront, no shirt under my top and a pair of shorts was the order of the day, despite being resolute in my aim for a slow run. And I managed to keep my pace suitably low for a whopping 3 miles. But the most important 3 miles of my training plan, for it’s the first 3 ticked off.

Highlighted as done.

One full box in a schedule of 88 runs before the marathon.

Ok, so the 20 milers might be a bigger box to fill in, but hey. Everything starts somewhere, I know I won’t manage all the runs scheduled (far too many demands on my legs at work to allow them to recover fully in the middle of the plan, I know) and i’ve started in the right place at the right time.

And tomorrow, i’m going to squeeze in the time to do a 5 miler. Also as the plan outlines.

Exciting, innit?

Well, it would have been if i’d eaten the mince pie in my lunch box. Only just remembered it, ao am about to munch it now. Well, I can’t finish the year on anything but a roll, can I?