Well, maybe the L is an exaggeration, today having been only 8 miles, but the S is certainly true.

Having had a nice evening and a good sleep, I was apprehensive about today’s run, after yesterday going a bit faster than planned and thus feeling a bit stiff today. Well, a bit stiff is possibly an understatement. My calves were all over the place and despite stretching them throughout yesterday, they still had complaints about stairs and all sorts. But a short walk and some pasta for lunch convinced me that a true slow pace would be ok, so having failed miserably to convince Cathy she could go home a bit later and encourage me around on the bike, I took her to the train station to escape back to the smoky, dirty, horrible city she calls home while I returned to get ready.

Now, today I was really stuck for clothes, so opted for a tee shirt and fleece top (warm for the start but with the option to unzip later) together with my mountain walking trousers. And after yesterday’s  quick run, I set my virtual partner to pace me at 8.45 miles and promised to stick with it. And decided that my 8 mile route would be done backwards, just in case I had leg problems. The reverse option gives the opportunity to bail out with the furthest bit from home being 3.4 miles, but at that distance. Everywhere else gives about 2 miles from home at a maximum, a distance i’d like to think I can crawl without too much problem.

So off I set, going about 20 seconds too quick for the first 0.5 miles, then settled into a perfect 8.40 pace for the rest of the 8 miles. It felt pretty pedestrian at times, but as the miles ticked on, I could feel a succession of twinges in odd parts of my legs reminding me that I haven’t run 5 times in a week before, much less 24 miles in 7 days for years and years and years, so I was happy to keep the pace down. And for my target 8.15 race pace, it’s still at the lowest end of my LSR pace, so i’m not about to re-write any pacing logic. I’m sure the experts who calculate these things know far more than I, after all.

But if I carry on feeling this good, i’ll revise my target times up a notch and see how it goes. But all in good time. I’ve 17 weeks to go, after all.

Right, I guess it’s time for tea, ironing, exercise (can’t allow myself to become a stick man just yet – despite today’s run claiming 886 calories after yesterday’s 557) and bed ready for work tomorrow.

Ah, yes. The delights of 2 days at work. I hope I can book the days in lieu to coincide with fair jumping weather to make it all seem worthwhile.

Ok. It’s time for mince pies!

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