New Year’s Eve

Ok, only time for a quick thrashing blog since time seems to have run away from me faster than i’ve been able to control things.

I knew yesterday that today would be a struggle, but getting up at 7 should have sorted things. Oh, if only. Having eaten, done some chores and sorted some washing, I set off from the house at 8.45 on an amalgamated route comprising a 2.1 miler, a 3.5 miler and a bit of my 2.5 miler which, Gmap insisted, should run in at about 5 miles. So my virtual partner was aiming me for 8.30 miles (and yes, I am resisting giving it a name, unlike proper bloggers!) and I was keen to keep to it and not kill my legs, having at least a bit of respect for 5 miles, but it seemed out of the window when I switched to my virtual screen after seeing my first Austin Maestro for about 25 million years only to find I was already 26 seconds ahead. And I was convinced I was getting the hang of this slower stuff.

Still, I seemed to correct things for the rest of an uneventful run (excepting the old man blowing his nose for England, while his dog looked on in disgust), the three middle miles being 8.19, 8.23 and 8.19. So all’s good.

Upon returning, it was time to load the car for a mountainbike ride in Folkestone, a hasty return, clean the bike, shower, pack and get to London for the evening. Which is where I currently am. On a knackered old keyboard with the letters written on just for me.


Oh, and a mince pie enjoyed on the M20 at 65 mph, just to keep the tally alive.

Can I have some more calories now, please?

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