Daily Archives: January 1, 2009

A whole new year

And a whole new sound.

This morning brought the challenge of convincing a certain well known female jogging blogger that training programmes might just do their thing if they are a) given a fair chance and b) at least mildly looked at. Not that i’ve ever done either before, but if i’m willing to give it a go, I don’t see why she shouldn’t too, especially since it’s her that put me onto them.

So, with a “novice” (yeah, right. Read determined to under-achieve!) half marathon programme indicating a 3.5 mile run and my marathon schedule calling for 3 miles, I managed to at least get out of the door for a run, even if it was to be a slow one. Which, to be completely fair, was the nicest thought in the world. Yep, my legs ache. Everywhere.

So, 3 miles around some marshes, lots of new year walkers (including a really unfortunate ginger girl with a doll), a pace somewhere near 11 minutes a mile just to show the Garmin that it is possible to go slowly after all, and the training programme is still intact. I guess it’ll be this time next week I decide to change it if I will. And I can’t see me being happy with my legs in this state while flying around at work, so I really will take stock and decide.

Can’t believe the hunger, though. My mince pie has been consumed. Along with a full fried breakfast to get the year off to a bad dietary start, my first chocolate bar and i’m still feeling peckish. And that after consuming half the sea’s contents of tentacled wonders in the restaurant last night.

Ah, well. Life’s not practice, after all.