Daily Archives: January 8, 2009


Today, it was all about the run.

I awoke to a cold. Nothing awful, just a blocked then runny then blocked nose type affair. Annoying, but with a rubbish day at work where the power supply was found to be woefully inadequate on the phase 1 building, I was keen to get away a touch rapidly.

But not as rapidly as my Garmin thought.

Looking at the data, I can see why I made no sense of the numbers while running. It seems to have thought I started down by the sea, adding about 200 yards to my distance, but seems to have corrected itself after a while, making me run further on the return leg to make up the lost mileage. But it was horrible, running on my hilly route (well, the first 1.5 miles of it, anyway) aiming for 8.30 pace, with the watch showing the first mile having been done in 6.49. What a liar! There’s a gap in the mapping that indicates the overrun distance, and the average works out ok, so the whole time isn’t flattering, which is lucky, but it’s odd nonetheless.

Guess it proves they’re not infallible, after all. But the rest of the route shows up amazingly accurately – i’m even on the right side of the path, not over house roofs or anything!

It was a nice run, though. Not a lot of leg pain, my favourite route, despite the hills being nasty, but maybe a touch chilly. Warmer, but still chilly.

All i’ve got to do now is come up with an 11 mile route around Hastings that won’t involve tooooooo many hills for next weekend. I don’t want to cripple myself, after all. Not with 14 weeks still to go.

Right, i’ve got to buy milk and get rid of this cold before the weekend.

Just the one mince pie today. And a trace of rain. Rain! Nice.