Tuesday. Rubbish.

Still, 5.30 came along, I had my running kit on and was headed out the door, so not everything had failed. For some reason the Garmin took 3 attempts and about 2 minutes to get a signal (seemed it could only locate 3 satellites), but when it did, I set off on the busiest 3 miles of my life.

I’ve never seen so many cars on the hilly route through Hastings. I had to stop at the end of the road, the traffic lights, had to use the pedestrian crossing by the park and nearly had to give way at the other end of the park. It was ridiculous, to be honest, and wasn’t good for maintaining a slowish recovery pace after the 8 miles on Sunday.

Which was made worse by averaging 7.51 around it. Hardly relaxing on the hills. But I did time myself for a pace up the steepest hill, finding that after 2.5 miles, I can only maintain an average 8.21 pace up it. Yep, it’s steep.

Still, despite my left shin hurting a bit, I feel fine, will stretch again in a minute, and have just worked out the calorific value of my…SELF MADE ENERGY BARS!

Yep, last night I shopped, bought a new set of scales (the old ones are garage accessories now, after weighing my lead sash weights as I cast them for my windows, as well as weight checking duties while lightening the motorbike), bought far too much cereal and stuff and couldn’t resist knocking it all up into Delias finest recipe to date.

I’ve only nibbled them so far but it tasted ace. I’ll have the first one tomorrow for my 6 miler, but a 2 inch square, by my reckoning (and i’ve not deducted calorific loss during the baking process, I don’t know how much to adjust. Still, it’s all relative, I reckon. Relative to what, I don’t know!) packs in 360 calories. 360! Eat your heart out, shop bought energy bars! In 2″ square! Shit!

So, that’s to look forward to. Along with 6 miles on the Hastings prom.

But I have scared myself – my 3 days i’ve agreed to do as overtime cooincide with an 11, a 12 and a 15 mile run. All of which, unless i’m careful, will end up being around Hastings. I didn’t want too many hils as the miles build up, but hey – I suppose if this week goes ok, i’ll end up doing the half marathon after all. It’ll be a walk in the park after 15 miles on the same roads!

Still on a mince pie a day – might have to take a leaf out of Cathy’s book and bake my own soon, I guess.

Oh, and 1mm of rain over the day. And it’s freezing outside again – ice on the raingauge, crispy grass and everything. That’ll be slippery in the morning.

One response to “Go!

  1. Busier than the three miles to Stratford?

    Oh, and you can keep your 2″ square 360 calorie energy bars. Eek.

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