The 8.11 from leg ache

Woke up this morning feeling really tired, and didn’t really recover, to be honest. My legs felt as though yesterday had been the hardest run in the world, despite being flat, and no matter how much I drank or ate or walked, I couldn’t shake the desire to find a warm corner of the building and curl up asleep.

But i’m a responsible site manager, so took to abusing the office staff instead, while escorting directors and the like around the job, before losing the will to live and getting changed.

So, running kit on, I turned on the Garmin and before i’d noticed the screen change, it had a signal. So off I went, flat seafront route bound, to ease my aching legs with a slow run that turned into a 3 miler at 8.11 average pace (i’m sure the device lies to flatter me sometimes). Today there was zero traffic, I picked and chose my crossing points on the road, it was so clear, but I was glad to get back in and look forward to tomorrow’s cross training.

But not until i’ve gone to an early bed.

Sport tracks wouldn’t upload the data automatically, so I had to import it from a file (i’m surprised I managed it, but I must be getting better at computers after all) i’d exported temporarily from Training Centre. That’s despite shutting down to try and sort it. Hopefully it’ll sort itself for next time. But it’s the runs that count, not the recording of them, so i’ll worry not too much.

The usual mince pie was eaten, forgot my banana so the energy bar was essential. And today, it tasted fantastic. Think i’ll be baking mince pies myself though, somehow, judging by the shelves this week. Worried? Mmm, maybe.


One response to “The 8.11 from leg ache

  1. Making your own mince pies couldn’t be simpler. Especially if you buy ready made pastry and ready made mincemeat, like I did. But try not to eat four in one go, like I did.

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