I should be in bed

I think i’ve bitten off more than I can chew tonight. I’ve run, eaten, packed tomorrow’s tools (a day off work to…work. But in a practical way swinging doors and doing stairs and stuff of a fantastically entertaining nature. Nice.), packed non perishable food for Thursday’s lunch, packed clothes for tomorrow evening, Thursday work and now i’m blogging.

But it’s all taken too long, i’m too tired and must sleep. Else i’ll probably cut fingers off and stuff tomorrow and I don’t want that.

Not after nearly crashing on ice on the way to work this morning. Oops.

So, tonight’s run was 3 hilly miles, not intentionally at a sprint, but a 7.38 average pace tells a story, I fear. Saw a man running with no movement (you know, one of them smooth as silk fliers who end up winning races and stuff. Swine. Nope, i’m not jealous, not at all. No.), so quickly he had to lean to get around the corner I saw him on, as well as 3 newbie runners, all new kit and huge waistline and walking pace, which was nice to see on the hills and not the seafront for a change. As I say, I didn’t mean to thrash it, but did mean to put in a final sprint and the last 0.25 mile split says nice things at 5.38 pace, which is good since it’s another uphill. Pleased with that.

Tomorrow will see 6 miles around Chestfield/Whitstable area. Be interesting to see if the Garminn gets lost!

Still on a mince pie a day, took the plunge and baked some of my own to try tomorrow; if I don’t blog, I may be poisoned, or hopefully busy with my splendid girlfriend, but i’ll catch up on Thursday. 1mm rain last night. Not a patch on 15mm on Monday, or 11mm over Saturday/Sunday, but it all adds up.

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