2 in 1

Yep, i’m afraid that’s what it’s come to. Wednesday was so busy after all, I simply ran out of time to blog.

The day began at usual time, I packed my tools into the car, loaded up stuff for two runs and left. And a thoroughly enjoyable day ensued removing towel rails, swinging doors and bodging bookcases, ended with a run around a new area.

Having been to the church for his wedding, I was expected to know where the sea was, but was clueless, so Martin drove me around the corner and on a rough route for the evening run. So I set off, found the sea at Whitstable on the sunny (for it was) North Kent coast, and ran. The view of the wind turbines out to sea was a lovely change, the sea was calm, I found the local skatepark (decent concrete bowls and a skate style flat bank/step area – looks worth a visit, even if it is a bit small and my BMX skills are diminishing with every week I don’t get out on it), and most of the “out” run was occupied with comparing the beach huts. Hundreds of them.

It was all very nice, really. And I turned around having run, quite literally, out of promenade and changed route to the bit overlooking the prom for the reverse route with a mile tacked on the end to make up 6 miles. In 8.10 pace, average. Very nice. And then it was to London for an evening, straight to work today and a cheeky 3 miles along the seafront of Hastings this evening.

Now, this morning the sea was so angry, it was inspiring, but thankfully it had died to nothing for this evening. I think it’s due to rise again tonight, but i’m not running tomorrow, so pah! The shame is, my left shin is starting to hurt a lot. So i’ve got a compression bandage on to try and ease any real problem before it becomes one. January isn’t over and yet i’m thinking my legs are falling off. Not great. But it’s been worse, so i’ll not panic yet.

And then I read http://irunbecauseilovefood.wordpress.com/.

And, despite not running to music (I like the voices in my head too much…), I do weights and that to tunes. The form seems to be to list inspirational music to get you going. I don’t listen to anything else, unless trapped in a car with 43 days worth of ipod blah, but my best of the best are: (in no particular order)

Heavens Cry – Till Tears Do Us Part; The lighter side of hard house

Iron Maiden – Aces High; Classic metal

Vincent De More – Fly Away; Uplifting trance

Metallica – Fade To Black; Metal. My choice for my funeral. Inspiring.

Megadeth – Hangar 18; Metal. Classic. Go on, Dave!

Iron Maiden – The Trooper; Metal. Live version – faster, beefier, better.

Faith No More – Epic; Beyond genre. Class and timeless good time tune.

Drax and Scott Mac – Angel; Trance

Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train; Classic metal.

Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar; The best trance tune of all time.

So, I think that’s it. Clearly the best mix ever, mostly listened to on LP, so not done as a mix; it’d probably mince my mind.

But there’s an idea…

Still doing ok on the mince pies. 12mm rain last night and it’s lashing down again now.


One response to “2 in 1

  1. Hooray – more new running choons to try out. Thanks for picking up the baton!

    Any chance of JogBlog coming up with her top ten…?

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