Forgive me, for I have slacked. Been slack. Slacked off.

Yesterday, I ran. But after getting to London, having a cold shower (hope the boiler’s fixed soon, Cathy) and forgetting work, I couldn’t face the trauma of a keyboard with no letters, so put off the process of blogging until now.

So, it was to be a 12 miler, my schedule dictated. So a 12 miler I would do. But with the prospect of work, this equated to roughly the Hastings half route , complete with the hills in the first 4 miles. And some more in the 7th mile, with the bastardised route I chose to pursue. Nice.

Still, my legs felt ok after the week, albeit my left shin was sore, causing me some concern for the down slopes, if not the ups. I don’t know why it’s hurting (well, apart from being thrashed for 25 miles a week. That’s not a good enough excuse, though.), but I decided to take precautions, so added my compression bandage before setting out. Which I think was the right thing to do since it feels fine now.

The run was again in broken sunlight, very nice, with little wind. I set off slowly but within my 8.40 slow run target, and looking at the splits now, starting slowly is the way ahead. The overall average pace was 8.19 with mile 8 an aberration at 7.54 but otherwise all within quite a tight pace range. I felt fresher in the last 3 miles than last week, too, so maybe I was still getting over a slight cold last week, but it’s nice to know I can be slightly under the weather and still hit my target pace.

But I was struck by the fact that i’m still not up to half race distance yet. Shit, it’s daunting.

What’s encouraging though is my average pace over the last 95 miles. The total setting on my Garmin states 8.13 average time. That’s long, slow runs included with the 5 and 6 mile pace runs. Since 8.12 is my target time, it’s looking promising. Assuming things hold up at the 18-20 mile mark. About which I have no idea.

Still, there are 13 weeks to go, so i’ll not get over optimistic yet. But things are feeling good.

Anyhow, i’m tired now, as well as being hacked off that i’ve managed to make my life a constant rush. So, it’s bed time.

I’m still maintaining a mince pie a day, have baked 9 more tonight, recorded 14mm rain last night so guess I won’t be able to get to work by my shortest route tomorrow with the river being all over the road and that, and am making so many typing mistakes, i’m now fully fucked off.

So i’m gone.

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